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Jacob Nelson singing for and introducing Naomi Judd

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Words can’t even begin to describe how awesome this was to me. Anyone who knows my story knows just how much of an impact The Judds have had not only on my musical career but also my personal life. I was givent he opportunity to sing and introduce Naomi Judd at the HDMG Senior Expo. After the performance, I was able to chat privately with Naomi… We talked about the last time we were able to meet… 5 years ago at the Judds Final Farewell tour in Phoenix. We talked about how the last time we met, I had gotten my private pilot license the day prior… And now, 5 years later, I am a full-fledged airline pilot… Still working hard making music too! THANK YOU Ingrid Chapman, HDMG and our wonderful community for allowing this “bucket list” item to happen. I wouldn’t want to have shared this moment with anyone else… this awesome Antelope Valley community.

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